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FY 2024

Fiscal Year Ended Mar 31, 2024

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For Fiscal Year Ending Mar 31, 2024

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Aethlon Medical develops immunotherapeutic technologies to combat cancer and infectious disease. The Aethlon Hemopurifier® is a first-in-class technology designed for the rapid depletion of cancer-promoting exosomes and circulating viruses. The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has designated the Hemopurifier® as a “Breakthrough Device” for 1) the treatment of individuals with advanced or metastatic cancer who are either unresponsive to or intolerant of standard of care therapy, and with cancer types in which exosomes have been shown to participate in the development or severity of the disease; and 2) life-threatening viruses that are not addressed with approved therapies.

Aethlon Medical is currently conducting a clinical trial in Sars-CoV-2 in India and are in the process of launching an oncology clinical trial in Australia.


Our people are our backbone. Touting years of experience in a variety of fields, our leadership team is the source of our success.

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Aethlon Medical, Inc.

11555 Sorrento Valley Road
Suite 203
San Diego, CA 92121

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