Aethlon Medical (AEMD) CEO Note: Nasdaq listing, equity financing and therapeutic pipeline expansion

SAN DIEGO, Aug. 6, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Aethlon Medical, Inc. (Nasdaq: AEMD), today released the following note authored by its Chairman and CEO, Jim Joyce.

On July 24th, members of our management team and board of directors joined me to ring the closing bell at the Nasdaq Stock Market.  The ceremony, which celebrated our recent Nasdaq listing, followed the completion of a $6 million equity financing and marks a new era for our organization. 

Beyond enhancing our balance sheet, the financing provides the capital resources necessary to support an FDA-approved study that we previously initiated to advance our Hemopurifier® as a candidate to treat a broad-spectrum of viral pathogens.

By listing on Nasdaq, we broadened our access to the capital markets, which in turn establishes a realistic backdrop for us to expand our therapeutic pipeline to include clinical opportunities that exist for Hemopurifier® therapy in cancer care.

In this regard, we are taking decisive steps to advance the Hemopurifier® as an adjunct therapeutic candidate that synergistically combines with traditional and emerging immuno-oncology drugs to improve patient survival.

Based on recent clinical outcomes, it has become clear that immuno-oncology drug regimens could revolutionize cancer care.  To further unleash the potential of these agents, we are targeting the use of our Hemopurifier® to reduce the circulating presence of tumor-derived exosomes, which represent a significant yet unaddressed therapeutic target in cancer.  From a mechanism standpoint, it is important to recognize that our Hemopurifier® has an affinity to bind to a unique high-mannose structure that resides on the surface of both infectious viral pathogens and tumor-derived exosomes. 

Researchers have discovered that tumor-derived exosomes transport cancer-promoting cargo (including immuno-oncology drug targets) and they have mechanisms that contribute to immune suppression, the spread of metastasis, angiogenesis and drug resistance of cancer cells.   As the circulating presence of tumor-derived exosomes correlates with cancer progression, our therapeutic strategy to eliminate these particles could contribute to shutting down cancer growth pathways at their source. Thus, optimizing the ability of traditional and emerging immuno-oncology regimens to deliver patient benefit.

With the completion of our financing and listing on Nasdaq, we are optimistic about our future and feel we are better positioned to translate our therapeutic visions into life saving products. However, we also remain grounded as we recognize that we are not immune to the daunting clinical execution, regulatory navigation and manufacturing optimization challenges faced by clinical-stage therapeutic organizations.

In closing, I invite you to participate in our first quarterly conference call that will be held on August 13th at 4:30 p.m. Eastern Time.  Going forward we will host quarterly update calls as a means to introduce our therapeutic endeavors to new investors and improve our communications with established shareholders. I hope that you will join our CFO Jim Frakes and myself for this inaugural call. 


Jim Joyce
Chairman and CEO
Aethlon Medical

About Aethlon Medical, Inc.

Aethlon Medical creates affinity biofiltration devices to treat life-threatening diseases. Our lead therapeutic candidate is the Aethlon Hemopurifier®, a first-in-class device that targets the rapid elimination of infectious viruses and cancer-promoting exosomes from the circulatory system of treated individuals. U.S. clinical progression of Hemopurifier therapy is being advanced under an FDA approved clinical study. We also provide government contracting services to the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency related to the development of a biofiltration device to treat sepsis. Additional information can be found online at or you can connect with us on on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Google+.


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